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You do not have to play advocate to any soft drinks in the least because they just don’t pay me out of the billions in their advertising budget for promoting their drink with the most wonderful people.But for hazel eyed people, they’re risk taking, adventurous and often frightful for the careful ones for they’d leave no stone unturned to make fun of wherever they are and they’d take the most breathtaking activities without giving their breath away. Because if you are going to assume, you’ll be pretty amused at how they’d do exactly the opposite and let all your speculations drive you mad. No wonder all those pretty actresses with hazel eyes have signed movies you wish you had never wasted money on.Jessie is voiced by Joan Cusack in all the films, while Mary Kay Bergman voiced her yodels and "Woody's Roundup" TV-show voice in Toy Story 2. She is also portrayed by Devon Dawson live on stage as a guest with Riders in the Sky in their concert and plays the guitar.Bergman died just before Toy Story 2 was released, so the film was dedicated to her. Jessie is the namesake of version 8 of the Debian operating system.So probably these are one of the more affable people you’d come across specially if you’ve been struggling your way all your life into exploring the mystical and distanced self of black eyed friends, you’re in for some fun in friendship.

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Oh well, I know that eyes have expressions that speak volumes but they’ve got colour that leaks out important information too.So you’d rather be careful before promising them a trip to places that can counteract on your comparatively careful sensibilities. So yes, it is best to keep waiting till they react than speculate their reactions and let all your predictions prove that your astrology skills are not worth a penny.Alright I know that eye colour pigment has absolutely no role to play with your luck but it just so happens that hazel eyed people just happen to be lazy and laid back all the time and yet meet their deadlines and annoy the hell out of you, especially if they are competitors or colleagues. So yes, they’d be laid back and get lucky while you seat it out working and still don’t manage. They’d remind you of the tiny monster you called Shin Chan and then you’d be the little victim.Hot headed, short tempered and people who’d heat up like sand but cool down like water. They’ll forgive but not forget and if they would, they’d neer let go of the fact that they have forgiven and forgotten.So be careful before pissing them off because they’d be a tough nut to crack just in case they get upset. So they’d be slightly obsessed of how they look but you won’t mind because they’d always be people you’d look forward to be seen with because they’ll never ever be looking less than presentable in public.