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Fans of both vocal House and also lounge will have the rare chance to catch the music live.The entrance fee is 8 which includes one standard drink. For a sample of what’s in store, you can check out several of her songs on You Tube!I didn't notice much romancing on Benjamin's part, except for the 100 white roses he sends her in the opening bouts. I wish the rest of the clunky dialogue were as economical.Any guy who only thinks of romance in terms of the rosaceae species is not just a goner, but a by-goner. And I wish I'd been as keen-eyed as my colleague Alan Frank, an ex-medical student, who tells me that among the "beauty products" stashed by Andie beside her man's toilet articles is a tube of proprietary ointment commonly prescribed for a vaginal infection.Not the film's fault that it comes out just as coalition forces try to bring peace to Iraq.But it is symptomatic of how wrapped up the characters are in themselves that the only glance thrown at the real world happens to be this slighting gag.

It's Kate Hudson's film all right, but this actress is a cold squeeze, not well photographed either, and has the worst hairdo on the East Side.

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Unknown to her, across town, Benjamin Barty (Matthew Mc Conaughey), an ad man whose daily change of shirt in his office makes the girls swoon at the sight of his pecs, wangles a lush new jewellery account from his boss by betting he can make a dame fall for him inside 10 days. Yet there is something very distasteful in the new and updated - but not improved - version.

It is a comedy of bad faith, rather than good humour.