Therapist dating patient

'She presented as someone who deeply regretted her actions,' the decision said.

'She fell in love with, or was infatuated with Patient A, as her thousands of text messages make clear.

'She, as much as Patient A, pursued the relationship, in circumstances where she knew she was transgressing professional ethical obligations,' it said. Her former and current workplace did not respond to requests for comment.

Her profile was scrubbed from one firm's website on Friday.

The good news is, understanding the complexities of this situation and conducting yourself accordingly is pretty much the polar opposite of flighty and immature...

She counselled the patient after he began 'self-medicating' with alcohol, ice and GHB addictions over an eight-week program in 2014.

But the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard this week that months after he completed the program, things took a sordid turn – towards showers and sex.

And until that time comes, bide your time, be patient, and keep on doing just what you've been doing: enjoying a friendly, on-the-level relationship that allows for light flirtation but doesn't cross any ethical boundaries.

Talk to him about the things you have in common, let him get to know you a bit as a person and not just a patient, and always be mindful of which lines you shouldn't (and he can't) cross as long as your treatment continues.