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This is a faster and easier method as compared to listing them on the Internet.As a wholesaler of video games, you may also participate in good forums of video games, search for or ask for "Buy, Trade, Sell" thread.First, the fact that will reportedly not display the video ads on their own site really bothers me. If the advertising method means such a boon to advertisers, why wouldn't they exploit it on their own site?, they don't know how video ads will play out.Rather than experiment on their main "cash cow" site at, they want to work out the kinks on other people's sites.If you ask me, that's not a very nice way to treat the people who made you multi-billionaires.

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Some of the small wholesalers purchase in bulk and resell it further for lucrative deals at e Bay, and If you are willing to sell any of the game, do it right them rather than waiting for the most lucrative deal and rejecting the less profitable ones.Always remember that the value of the game decreases as the popularity of their title decreases.It is also advisable not to list your game at various places immediately as this may lead embarrassing and ugly situations.Instead of listing your games online, it would be a good idea to ask your friends who love or deal in video games if they want to purchase your game.