The internet dating exposed

A worrying number of online dating users are‚ through their profiles‚ placing sensitive information about themselves into the public domain‚ which could potentially expose them to malicious links that infect their device or scammers trying to extort information from them.

This is according to global cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab.

The online dating world is also rife with false information: Over half (62%) of people locally admitted to lying while dating online – faking information to make themselves look better than they do in real-life‚ or even to try and catch their partners cheating.

Interestingly‚ those who ‘fake it’ online are more likely to have their security compromised – 14% of those that share false information have had their device infected with malware‚ spyware or ransomware via an online dating platform‚ compared to 11% of those that don’t share false information‚ the report said.

Andrei Mochola‚ Head of Consumer Business at Kaspersky Lab‚ said: "Like every popular online trend‚ unfortunately there are also people that want to use online dating for malicious purposes.

Far from advising users to avoid online dating altogether‚ we simply urge them to consider their safety at every step of the way.

“But we didn’t think it would take off like this.” [Absolutely everything science knows about how Tinder’s changing the way we date] To date, nearly 2,000 people have signed up for Burrit-oh! While many signed up for laughs and forgot, in typical April Fools’ fashion, Zoosk said they’ve seen an unusual surge of people exchanging more than 20 back-and-forth messages.

That’s compared to half (50%) of online dating users doing it for fun‚ and 19% simply looking for sex.

A break in the case came when the victim alerted police to a dating site profile he created on Plenty of Fish.

The free online dating site has more than 90 million registered users, according to its website.

While the victim stayed at the precinct, a female officer went to the location to act as a decoy and the NYPD Warrent Squad was also there. They discovered that the suspect, who is in his late 30s, had 42 previous arrests.

Because of his arrests and six criminal contempt charges, the victim is now remanded in jail on an attempted murder charge.