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As it is, however, the last 14 years have not only been the happiest of my life: they have also brought me a level of financial security I have never known – owing, in large part, to sharing my life for the first time with a wife with whom it is possible to talk and plan sensibly about money.

Nevertheless, I do know from personal experience that money can exert an attraction for some women.

Most young brides must drop out of school after their wedding, and many suffer violence and sexual abuse at the hands of their often much-older husbands.

Early pregnancy puts girls at a higher risk for complications and death during childbirth, according to nonprofit Girls Not Brides.

Given that attitude, it may not be surprising that he never married and never had children.

Apparently, he recognised at the end of his life that he had lost out there.

By documenting Nasoin’s wedding, Joyce hopes to raise awareness and push for change.

“Photography is a universal language and an incredibly powerful tool to affect change.

The next day, Nasoin Akhter would be married off to a man twice her age.She was quiet and withdrawn the entire day, even when surrounded by her friends.” “In a lot of ways, it felt familiar, like the weddings I attended in the U.S.: Guests were dressed to the nines; happy couples mingled around; children were dancing in the streets to pop music.Bryony Gordon’s affectionate profile made it look like a happy marriage with no illusions on the bride’s behalf. When she had perhaps drunk a glass of wine too many one evening some years ago, she did admit that she feared being a widow at 60; but it is also true that, before we married, she called me “the nicest boyfriend I have ever had” and, within living memory, she said that she wouldn’t swap me for Brad Pitt. And that is even without my having the obvious, overwhelming attractions of that shrivelled, wizened midget Ronnie Wood.If I’d amassed a share of the Rolling Stones pension pot, alleged to amount to £1bn, it might have been more obvious what my wife saw in me.