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We provide an affordable solution as a third-party witness by an audited system in conformance with US & EU standards.

"I have been dreaming of doing Broadway, and my wish got answered tenfold," Shears said.

"I couldn't be more excited about doing ' Kinky Boots' on Broadway [..] Believe it or not, they're going to be the first stilettos I'll ever have worn."An Alabama woman says Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for next month's U. Senate election, made inappropriate advances and had sexual contact with her when she was 14, according to a Washington Post story Thursday.

Brian Justin Crum shows off his "Wild Side" in the music video for his brand new single.

Some solutions use a trusted third-party to protect these hash values.

Businesses trust their system administrators to protect their interests.

Finally, we arrive at the best approach we found currently used in legal hold systems: cryptographic hash values for tamper-detection.

Alternatively, if the user can start My SQL on the host computer they can simply use the --skip-grant-tables option and have root access; a technique used to reset a lost password.

The biggest question is how many jobs to move out of London and where to move them.

Cargo containers, long a staple of international trade, are designed to be affordable, sturdy and water-tight.

"Wild Side" a celebration of the exploration of sexuality, sensuality and consensual submissiveness, a side that fans of the "America's Got Talent" alum haven't seen The Italian journalist who was put on trial by the Vatican for publishing confidential documents has written a new book alleging a host of Catholic sins, including gay sex in the Vatican's youth seminary.

Pressure is growing by the day on financial firms with EU bases in London to decide when to activate their Brexit contingency plans.