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The estimates included in the release are from the survey period January to March in each year equivalent to estimates shown for Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) in the 2015 release.This is to enable you to compare the data more easily.Back to table of contents Age is a factor as to whether an adult has used the internet.Since the survey began in 2011, adults aged 75 years and over have consistently shown the lowest rates of internet use.In 2011, the percentage of recent internet users aged 75 and over was 19.9%.In 2016, this has nearly doubled to 38.7%, up from 33.0% in 2015.

Recent internet use for adults aged 65 and over has increased since 2011 and we have provided new analysis on recent internet use by economic activity (Tables 7A and 7B in the internet users dataset).

The estimates used are derived from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and are not seasonally adjusted.

The detailed regional estimates are based on smaller sample sizes than the higher level regional estimates and are therefore subject to a greater degree of sampling variability, so should be treated with caution.

“While we have seen a notable increase in internet usage across all groups in recent years, many older and disabled people are still not online, with two-thirds of women over 75 having never used the internet.”Pete Lee, Surveys and Economic Indicators Division, Office for National Statistics Back to table of contents In this release each year represents the period Quarter 1 (January to March).

This release is the first to identify estimates on an annual basis; previous releases have included all quarters for each year.