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Abby wants to be friends with Maria so she feels pressured to do what Maria tells her to do.

Friendships can be complicated at this time in your life.

One of the biggest challenges that you may have to face is standing up to a friend.

Here are tips to help you handle a disagreement with a friend: “A boy at school texts me all the time and tells me how pretty I am and how he wants to do stuff with me… ”Most healthy relationships are based on getting to know a person in real life, not by texting them.

So it is important for teens to recognize healthy relationships.

A healthy relationship is free from physical, emotional, and sexual violence.

Doing things together, like going on a bike-ride or watching a movie will give you a chance to talk to each other and enjoy the time that you spend together too.“Why should I do what YOU say? Abby has been upset because Maria always decides where they are going and what they are going to do.

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Talking calmly helps you to understand the real reason for not getting along, and it’s much easier to figure out how to fix it.

Her patience surpassed most and she had empathy for all living beings.

Her acceptance of others and caring soul, was infectious to all who came in contact with her.

Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of respect.

Respect is a choice, and when you give it, you are more likely to get it in return.