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Concerned the demonstrations were distracting drivers, Kelemen met with the town board to create an ordinance that banned signs on the bridge.

By way of comparison, Happn only has 15 million users worldwide, while Tinder, which is more secretive when it comes to user numbers, is thought to have over 50 million.Last Friday, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of “unlawful use of a computerized communication system.” The officer admitted to signing up Greg Luce, a local Tea Party leader, on naughty gay websites in retaliation to a long-standing feud.The drama started last fall when Luce and his Tea Party cronies began holding protests on an interstate overpass in Campbell.Colonists were drinking 1.2 million pounds of tea a year and it became clear that adding a small tax to this tea could generate a lot of extra money for the government.The British government passed and then repealed a few tea taxes before it finally passed the Townshend Act of 1767.