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If a predeceased son of this predeceased son leaves a widow, the living sons and living daughters each shall equally share the share of the predeceased son of the predeceased son who has one share with living sons and daughters.Predeceased daughter (1 share) to be equally shared by sons and daughters of the predeceased daughter.He has also grabbed entire furniture utensils and gold ornaments of our late mother in conspiracy with this sister. My father helped two of my brothers to buy a house. My father in law purchased a residential plot and built a house where he lived till his death five years ago, without a will. My husband died few months ago leaving behind me and my minor daughter. Is his mother being a house owner and pensioner can claim the share of the house purchased in my husband's name?Now we are demanding our shares in rental income cash balance left behind by our late father and 1/6 shares each in both residential and commercial complex. My brothers don't show me my father's will and tell me that my father didn't leave me anything. How would I go about getting a copy of my father's will? His survivors are - his widow, two sons and two daughters. He and myself belongs to the Hindu community,but got married under special marriage act. If so can she pass the right of this house to her sons and daughters?The share of each heir must be ascertained based on individual cases.If the deceased is a Christian or married under the Special Marriage Act (for inter-religious marriage): Where lineal descendant is present: Widow / widower – 1/3 of the property Lineal descendants – equally to share 2/3.After my grandmother's demise he wanted to make property in his name which is not happening as the landlord is saying there are may complications and demanding money . Need to know what to do as my father is also not keeping to well .

The earlier order is preferred over the later, (i.e.

THEY HAVE THE INTENTION TO SELL, BECAUSE IT WILL FETCH RS 50 LACS IN MARKET. now her mother in law is claiming share in my sisters husbands property. How can they claim the ownership of the left shares by their mother. Her father died sometime back leaving a will where a residential plot of land has been willed to her mother.

PL ADVISE THE LEGAL POSITION IN THIS REGARD REGARDS SATYA PALour family is a roman catholic family. kindly guide us in this matter as per indian succession act or inheritance act One of my client's mother died leaving physical shares of a particular company without selecting nominees. Now the mother wants to give everything to only one son who is her favourite.

If the deceased is a Parsi: Widow / Widower Children (equally) Living parents-each to get a share equal to half of a child Wife and children of a predeceased son to share the share of the child as if the son died after the death of the deceased.

If the child predeceased is a daughter, her share would be equally distributed to her children.