Taeyeon dating dating and because it is there

Their Jakarta trip was previously denounced by some conservative netizens, who wrongly believed that the band, which represented “symbols of prostitution”, were going to perform to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day yesterday.

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Last year, rumors rampantly spread across social media that G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang, and Taeyeon, the leader of Girls’ Generation, were in a relationship.

Twitter user @ddongbyullie posted a short clip of security officers escorting Taeyeon past a raucous crowd of fans at the airport yesterday, showing the pop star covering her face, presumably out of distress.

Taeyeon and several members of SNSD are scheduled to perform at a countdown event for the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta today.

200,000 fans also left the EXO fan cafe, reducing it from #3 to #9.

(While most blame it on the dating scandal, it seems EXO’s fan cafe has been in decline steadily for awhile now). thinking fans (themselves) should be more important than any other person in the idol’s life.