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And the directions are not a great help--at least they weren’t 20 years ago when I got my first one; maybe they have improved since then.In order to light a liquid-gas stove, it must be primed.“Priming” describes the initial pressurization of the tank.Most stoves these days include an integral pump, and while there is a pump available for the SVEA 123 which screws into the filler neck, with the relative simplicity of priming and lighting the 123 (once the proper technique is employed) to my mind, the SVEA pump is unnecessary.

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Ah, but therein lies the rub: what is the best way to prime the SVEA?

by Rand Rasmussen The SVEA 123 is a stove with a storied 100 year history.

For many years it was virtually the only thing going in the mountain-climbing field.

It is self-pressurizing, meaning no pumping is required to use it, also simplifying operation.

The main perceived threat surrounding the SVEA 123 seems to involve the mythology about the best way to prime and light it.