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They belonged to sororities (or would never dream of it), reported for the school newspaper, sang or danced in performance groups, played sports.Some spent almost every weekend night at a “downtown” (a fraternity party at a nightclub, where men paid for bottle service) or at a campus bar. They watched a little TV, had sex and went to sleep.Instead, she’ll talk about “cost-benefit” analyses and the “low risk and low investment costs” of hooking up.Patton, who has two sons, one a Princeton graduate and the other a current student. Patton was derided for wanting to return to the days of the “Mrs.

The women interviewed came from all corners of Penn’s population.Others preferred holing up in the library or hanging out with the theater crowd.They came from all over the country, and as far away as China and Africa.Most are identified by their first or middle names or by a middle initial.They spoke over the course of the academic year, often repeatedly and at length.