Strip chat love

Just a fun little list that's just been updated today and will continue to be updated.

So tease up your hair, grab a mid strength beer and enjoy!

We love NY strip steaks, so I was inclined to think we’d like strip roast.

I also saw from the app that a smaller strip roast would cook up a bit faster than some of the other roasts, which fit nicely into our busy pre-Christmas weekend schedule.

That said, you still want to check your beef for doneness as cooking times vary based on your oven and size of your roast.

I needed about 10 minutes more than the projected cooking time, which is why I show the range of time.

Then I learned about the #Roast Perfect app from Certified Angus Beefwhich makes it easy to pick a cut for your roast, determine how much you need for your family, and guides you through the cooking times.

Or maybe you’d like to serve this Strip Roast with Red Wine Sauce for your Christmas dinner…in which case I hope you already wrapped those presents!Sticking with the simple theme, I made a red wine sauce flavored with shallots and garlic, which enhanced the strip roast’s natural flavors.The beauty of a roast is you can do a simple preparation, get it in the oven and manage the timing with the #Roast Perfect app.Strip Roast is a very tender and flavorful cut to use for roast beef.Top with our simple red wine sauce for a delicious family meal.