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Coupled with Cheung King-wai’s upcoming , which is set to open the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival in November, she could be in line for a career renaissance.

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Known largely for her goofy romances and even goofier comedies, writer-director Chapman To, another comedian, gives Tang a chance to show off some real range for a change.

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang's rumor has been on for seven years.

Although the two denied their relationship man times during these years, but lately they're spotted having their little home in Lai Bik To and intend to get married at the end of the year. But Stephy and Alex denied getting married through their company.

"We were together for so many years, and it's really not easy to explain the cause of our breakup in two or three sentences," she added.

A lot of people, including their fans, looked up to the golden couple whose last movie together was "Anniversary" and believed that they would eventually get married and have a fairytale story.