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” The scary part is that my environment has rubbed off on me.Even on dates, people often repeat their résumés as if they’re on interviews.The Personal Dating Coaching you receive as part of the package means I'll coach you personally through what to include and what not to include in your email exchange so you successfully navigate the email communication minefield to get you going on more and BETTER First Dates!It's not just the gyms where membership is booming in the New Year.It wasn’t until weeks later, when we began dating exclusively, that I realized what I found so strange about our interaction.He treated our relationship like a business transaction.

and then it just seems to fizzle out completely resulting in very few First Dates.

At first, I found David’s (not his real name) Republicanism endearing and thought I could reform his soul.

Instead of assessing suitors’ traits based on their personality, we look toward what they can offer us, or worse, toward their earning potential.“It’s like investing in a stock,” said a fiscally conservative male friend—he and all my other friends asked if they could be anonymous so that they could speak more freely.“You’re not just going to throw your money at a random penny stock that’s not going to perform better in the future.” My friend might be taking an extreme stance, but his opinion isn’t entirely without merit.

Have your relatives stopped asking you if you're seeing anyone?

Not getting past the first date to the second date?