Stars dating regular people

Emily Osment's boyfriend is Jim Gilbert and he's so not in showbiz. Olivia Holt actually met her boyfriend, Ray Kearin, at a BBQ through some mutual friends.Even though she's dating some famous guys in the past, she couldn't be happier that she's with her BF now.The dream that a prince or princess might spot you from across a crowded, room lock eyes, and fall deeply in love with you certainly seems far fetched. Some regular folks like you and me do find themselves living real-life Cinderella stories, or a version of them.Here are 29 couples that defy the Hollywood norm and bring hope to the non-Hollywood-elite everywhere.

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The following celebrities married ordinary people with super-ordinary jobs.

In celebration of Anne's engagement, here are 15 celebs that have married or are currently dating everyday people.

While the idea of meeting up with a famous guy or girl and falling in love may seem totally out of reach, there are tons of celebrities who are in relationships with people who are "normal" and not famous starlets, actresses, or models. Even though Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship is frequently front-page news, a bunch of your favorite stars are now in relationships with guys and girls who are not in the entertainment industry.

To see if your fave celeb is a fan dater check out the gallery below.

Justin has a history of dating a LOT of women, so it's not that shocking that he dates fans. " singer posted a photo on his Instagram account that was a sketch of him sleeping shirtless in bed with a "Belieber," which to fans was a sign that he was totally open to dating a fan.