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Information on where to recycle SXM products and information on where to recycle rechargeable batteries.

Not sure how long the channel update is supposed to take but I gave it 30 minutes this morning on the drive to work and its still stuck on Updating. I tried calling Sirius but they don't open until am, which is another issue. For instance hists 1 was on my channel 1 this morning.

It also includes an FM transmitter, so rather than using a cassette adapter or a line-in port, you can hear your Sirius stations rebroadcast to any nearby FM radio.

The Starmate Replay can store 30 channel presets, and its nifty Game Alert feature will notify you when your favorite teams are playing and will update you on scores.

Got it installed today, fired it up, and its got full service on it. Or did I get a used unit that had lifetime subscription on it?

Want to know for sure, and dont want to call Sirius and tell them the unit number only to shut it off (or make me pay with credit card for service). Leave it on long enough, it will be de-activated soon enough..(most likely during an update)Some people claim that there is a 'lease' time on the radio, sorta like the lease time a router has for wireless connections...

The fee is payable with your first subscription fee payment.

It's got full service, but it has that stupid Family Pack, so no Howard or Hip-hop Nation.When I first turned it on I didn't think it would work because it kept updating channels 3 or 4 times, then I was greeted by music. I'm going to try and turn my radio off before the subscription ends for a few months.(I was going to wait a few months anyways so I can renew it with my second one at the same time).Upside: Like all plug-and-play models, the Starmate Replay lets you listen to the dozens of Sirius satellite music, news, talk, and sports stations wherever you go--assuming you invest in suitable docking stations--while paying only a single-subscription price of per month.The unit has a Ti Vo-style buffer that lets you rewind as much as 44 minutes of audio, so you can always replay that favorite song.