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The automatic capability of Grid View relies on this naming convention in order to work.

Parameters that correspond to new values (entered by the user while the Grid View row is in edit mode) are named the same as the associated field value returned by the Select Command.

The Sql Data Source control is not limited to only connecting to Microsoft™ SQL Server database. By default, the Sql Data Source control returns a Data View from a Data Set object that contains the query results.

You can configure the Sql Data Source control to return data as a Data Reader instead by setting the Sql Data Source Mode property to "Data Reader".

For this reason, the Sql Data Source control is usually aimed at small hobbyist or personal sites that do not require a fully encapsulated data middle-tier object. By default, there are four providers included in the . Note that if you change the provider name, you will need to ensure the Connection String and Select Command properties use the correct syntax for the chosen provider.

Another section of this tutorial discusses the Object Data Source control, which is targetted at larger enterprises with a need for middle-tier encapsulation of database queries. NET Framework machine.config: The Sql Data Source Provider Name property can be set to the invariant name of any valid provider factory (it defaults to System. The Select Command property of Sql Data Source can also be set to a stored procedure name instead of SQL command text.

Data source controls expose parameter collection properties that can contain parameter objects for each supported data operation.

For example: Sql Data Source also support the Insert operation, when its Insert Command property is set.

Like all data source controls, the Sql Data Source control can be declaratively bound to any data-bound control that supports the Data Source ID property.So now you will see how to modify data on the Grid View which will update back on the database.The Sql Data Source control is a data source control that represents a connection to an ADO.Using a Data Reader is generally more performant than a Data Set when you just need forward-only, read-only access to the data.However, note that the sorting capability of Sql Data Source will be disabled in this mode.