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revival doesn’t hit theaters for another 11 months, but it’s already caused a stir from feminist moviegoers, who’ve heavily criticized star Karen Gillan’s “super sexualized” costume.

Now, during a recent interview with , published Friday, the Scottish actress and filmmaker — who just entered production on her directorial debut — has defended the look, telling the publication there’s clear justification for her midriff-baring ensemble, but fans just have to wait until the film’s release to fully understand it.

This thread is currently doing the rounds among the usual social networks, and I felt I had to share.Posted to the "Men Going Their Own Way" forum (so you already know it's comedy gold), a thread called " Make sure to pick your favorite, that's if the forum can keep online (cached version).Apparently a collection of big, strong men cannot maintain a site that withstands moderate traffic spikes. Not even Podtoid gets this offensive: Now, I am no hardcore gamer but I do play computer games often and the recent one I have been playing recently is Shogun 2 total war.It is even more probable these days because porn has become very accessible.Before the internet was invented, people had to pay in order to get their fix.