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An affluent town ranked as the fourth least deprived area in the country The name "Sutton Coldfield" appears to come from this time, being the "south town" (i.e.

south of Tamworth and/or Lichfield) on the edge of the "col field".

It may also denote a place where charcoal burning took place.

Amongst the finds in the area were flint cores and a flint scraper, which had been retouched with a knife.

The presence of flint cores suggest that the site was used for tool manufacture and that a settlement was nearby.

Whilst the road ultimately connects Gloucestershire to South Yorkshire, locally, the road was important for connecting Metchley Fort in Edgbaston with Letocetum, now Wall, in Staffordshire.

The road is most visible from near to the pedestrian gate on Thornhill Road (OS Grid Reference SP 08759 98830), where the 8 m (26 ft) wide bank that formed the road surface is most prominent.

Speed dating tamworth staffordshire