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It grew significantly in the 19th century, when its port became the focus of coal exports from the eastern valleys of South Wales.

Until the rise of Cardiff from the 1850s, Newport was Wales' largest coal-exporting port. It is the largest urban area within the historic county boundaries of Monmouthshire and the preserved county of Gwent.

"The manner of his driving and complete disregard for other road users in such awful weather conditions also caused multiple other road traffic collisions whereby Reardon failed to stop and continued to cause devastation.

"As a family we cannot thank Gwent Police enough for the swift actions on bringing this case together.

"We would also like to thank the emergency services staff at the Royal Gwent Hospital and numerous other people for the support we have received during the last 5 weeks.

Janine Davies of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “It is sometimes difficult to decide which charge reflects the manner of driving properly in law, but in this instance it was clear.

Reardon had collided with several vehicles immediately before the fatal collision where he had simply tried to push his way between two lines of traffic.