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The key featues of Pain Gate: - extreme suspensions and heavy double bullwhipping with loud outcries.

He was due back with his friend Mark who was staying over for the next week. Sheila fidgeted and decided to go the kitchen for a drink. The front door opened and Scott came in just as Sheila went out in to the hallway. She gave the 22 year old one of her glaring looks that invariably ended up with Scott’s trousers and pants around his ankles bent across his Mum’s lap having his bottom spanked with her hand and hairbrush.“Look Mum, I’m really sorry but I just wanted to go for a drink with my friends.”“No Scott, not good enough. ”Scott walked passed his Mum and as he entered the lounge said over his shoulder, “Look Mum, Mark knows you spank me and I knew you would spank me for being late so if you must spank me what the hell ….”Scott froze when he turned and looked in to the living room. His Mum just glared back, tight lipped, hands on her hips. ”There was silence again as Scott struggled to find the right thing to say Becky let out a “Wowee, you do Mum, you spank Scotty.”Sheila shot a look at her teenage daughter. Sheila turned to Mark and said, “You may as well watch young man and goodness knows you deserve what Scott is going to get.”Mark blushed.

His Grandma, Aunt Steph, and even his 18 year old sister Becky. Becky was always rowdy and argued the whole time and Sheila momentarily mused that now would be a good time to include Becky in the same disciplinary regime she imposed on her son, but knew that would have to wait. He too was spanked by Rosie and felt a pang of envy when he heard Scott was now spanked by his Mum.

Grandma continued with her I know best tone, “That’s right, in my day we gave a proper spanking and no one needed very many to learn their lesson.

Discipline was something that had to be given.”Becky asked loudly, “Hey Grandma, did Mum ever get spanked?

He reckoned his Mum will get fed up spanking him although that hadn’t happened yet and sometimes he still flt like being spanked and broke a rule on purpose. It had been nearly a week now since she had grounded Scott. Scott was out with the boys at a football match and it was getting very close to 7 O’clock and still no sign of him. He knew he would be in for a spanking but Mark would get to watch. A spanking in front of Mark was now a given though. Being spanked by his Mum with Mark watching was one thing but not this. ”Sheila turned to her son and said, “Scott, do you want to answer that? “It’s his naughty spot,” Sheila informed everyone as though they needed to know.

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