Slackware updating

Just follow the Unix instruction where your configuration command should look like For MS-Windows users I have two installation versions.The "for dummies" version where you only need to download and run an installer and the "for geeks" version if you want to build the plug-in yourself.The others are optional, their relevant features will be enabled if they are found during configuration.In Debian you can get these packages with the command (requires root privelege): The libgtkimageview-dev package only exists in Debian testing and unstable.UFRaw is now a stand-alone application (it used to depend on Gimp). The upside of UFRaw being a stand-alnoe installation is that it should work more reliably, without the DLL issues that many users had. A plug-in executable (ufraw-gimp.exe) is included, but it does not function. There might be a way to get it to work with GIMP-2.6, but I did not try. It is also be possible to build UFRaw in the Cygwin environment, which imitates the Unix environment on MS-Windows.

As far as I know the stand-alone version of UFRaw is not included.

Another reason is that building UFRaw on MS-Windows is a bit tricky and not very convenient (did I say already that I don't like this operating system).

I actually create the MS version of UFRaw in a Linux environment, but I guess that most of the users of the MS version don't have access to Linux, otherwise they would not need the MS version.

If you want to compile UFRaw in another environment or with a different compiler then you are on your own.

I use the Debian package mingw32 for cross compiling.