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This service presents some interesting benefits for both performers and customers. For performers, it solves the age old problem of payment processing when working as an independent cam girl. By the same token, the performers identity is never shared with the client. It’s a complete turnkey system for independent webcam models.As most webcam models will tell you, it’s a very bad idea to use Paypal for any sex related services. This means that the Sky Private platform offers a layer of privacy and anonymity for both the client and service provider. Second, the service handles all payment processing, which means that cam girls can forget about the hassle of building their own website and signup up with multiple payment processors. Best of all, models get to keep a generous 75% of their earnings.

Hvis du har det også, er jeg klar til at give dig en mulighed. Til at begynde med, send mig en e-mail, der vil være glad for at svare.Once your profile is completed, you can share it over social media and start working for customers right away.Now, I know that there are tons of other options for independent cam girls such as Chaturbate and other free services. When you perform on Chaturbate, you’re exposed to thousands of viewers in free chat. In fact, the more viewers they’re exposed to, the more tips they earn.And yes, while video to video calls are available, you can also choose not to broadcast your webcam, or even enjoy some voice only Skype phone sex. In terms of model selection, well lets just say the sky is the limit.There are thousands of girls to choose from, and the Sky Private Model Directory shows which models are currently online if you’re in the mood for some instant action.