Six purposes of dating

Each individual’s resourcefulness is in proportion to the strength of the desire to succeed, guided by intelligence.” – Mary Love Collins, Chi Omega National President, 1910-1952 Chi Omega members represent different racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds.Our membership is comprised of women who reflect and live the values of Chi Omega.This holds true within Chi Omega and beyond our Sisterhood circle. Realizing that alcohol abuse is common on college campuses, this policy is in place to reduce risk among chapters and chapter members.Chi Omega expects each member to follow the federal, state, and local laws pertaining to alcohol.These purposes guide each Chi Omega member and include the following: Friendship High Standards of Personnel Sincere Learning and Credible Scholarship Participation in Campus Activities Career Development Community Service The message of “personal responsibility” cannot be shared enough.Each member’s choices and actions affect the entire chapter and our national organization.In biblical times, the process of meeting a spouse had very little to do with compatibility and personality traits, and everything to do with family lineage and economic status.

“However magnificent Chi Omega’s purposes, realization of them is determined by the ability of the individual members.

It a privilege to have a Chi Omega chapter facility, and it is special when that facility offers a living opportunity. The space must allow the most access to Chi Omegas.

For these reasons, all visitors must be accompanied when on Chi Omega property. Your chapter establishes its own visitation guidelines based on this policy.

We strive to uphold our purposes, which encourage us to form a network of friends with high standards and similar values.

Chi Omega supports personal growth, learning, and service to others.