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To be used with: Session Two, The Pressure of Temptation Alternate title: How to Catch a Rat Scriptures: James -18We like to shift blame.

In the midst of temptation we like to blame God for our struggles.

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We strongly encourage you to see a counselor, preferably a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist or at least a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Please pass along the link to this page to any women in your life who might be experiencing the devastation of discovering their spouse’s sexual sin.

This episode seeks to provide a framework for dealing with a traumatic event that, unfortunately, the church doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about.

Because of the slowness of death mice aren't able to associate it with their demise. Killed by our own desires we look for other sources of our demise.

I doubt rats have funerals, but if they did the obituary would not read death by that tasty bowl of food that Speedy just ate. James-18 helps us to see that God is not the one that entices us to sin; it is in fact our own natures that make sin so enticing. Just as with the rat we drink the poison of sin because we are enticed by our desires. Temptation comes from within us"Desire" is any intense longing for that which God has forbidden (see Genesis 3:6)B.