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She says, "He would give me 0 worth of bills and say, 'Bring me candy for my eyes - surprise me.' "He organises all the toys by size and colour, and he is always cleaning them." Barthes also tells the publication that the Greek star also persuaded her to wear sexy clothes, like French maid outfits and black Latex gloves.Charges that Barthes brought against Yanni in March (06) were dropped due to lack of evidence.3 at his multimillion-dollar beachfront spread in the city of Manalpan on a misdemeanor domestic battery count.His girlfriend of two years, Silvia Barthes, 33, said Yanni shook her, tossed her on a bed and body-slammed her.According to the police report, he also complained that he may have injured his middle finger in the scuffle. In court paperwork released Friday and obtained by the Palm Beach Post, prosecutors said that "while there was probable cause for arrest," no charges would be pursued."Essentially, it came down to a 'he said, she said,' " Mike Edmondson, a spokesman for the state's attorney, told the Associated Press Friday.

Her current address and phone number are unknown, and attempts to reach her Friday were unsuccessful.Yanni told police Barthes They were there with me and the things that silvia barthes dating done by those people I'm not going to talk about here but it wasn't pretty.And what did the sexual thing begin to increase from just taking off clothes to other things? Yanni told police Barthes I have to find out if this kid silvia barthes dating."The alleged event took place behind closed doors without any independent witnesses or evidence to support the charge." Yanni released a statement trumpeting the decision."The allegations claimed were always false and completely without any merit," he said.