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Maybe shy away from the big-boobied strippers and stuff we always had, and find some nice classy-looking girls and just make a really fun, rockin' video." That image doesn't stick all the way through Kid Rock, however.

Spanning from riff-rock to hip-hop to outlaw country to some good old-fashioned Detroit boogie woogie, the album encompasses the multi-dimensional Rock more than any of his other releases.

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Armstrong and Crow started dating in 2003 and called it quits five months after getting engaged in February 2006.and Johnny Cash to dating Pamela Anderson to buying a bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger, better known to "Dukes of Hazzard" fans as the General Lee.His latest single, a cover of Bad Company's 1975 copulation classic, "Feel Like Makin' Love," scratches one more thing off his "to do" list.I always say I'm going to go out with a friend or whatever. Dating is hard work and I know so many fantastic single women who can't find anybody."But also, when you have kids, it helps you make decisions about who you're going to spend your time with pretty quickly. But I've met some nice people and I'm happy." Though she's currently single, the 55-year-old star would still like to get married one day, though it isn't essential to her happiness.