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Martha Stewart, Drew Barrymore and Lionel Richie remain Magrino BFFs for their own brands and businesses.

To boot, Magrino revenue rose 12 percent; head count’s nearing 50.

The firm also counseled Al Jazeera through its US shutdown (quite sagely) did what it could to help Volkswagen through its disaster and shepherded the NBA Players’ Association through its collective bargaining talks. On the talent side, the firm handled the masterful rollout of longtime client Lady (“Call me Joanne”) Gaga’s new album and persona. Ryan Lochte: Matthew Hiltzik’s clients make headlines, but sometimes not the way they want to.

But a report this year accused the firm of “painting a greener image” for some of the world’s biggest polluters.

And VOWEL, the agency’s digital influencers arm, has been killing it on social for clients like Audi—its amplification of a story around Audi’s rescue of a desert-stranded couple was genius. And a landmark strategic alliance with Germany’s Hering Schuppener vastly expanded Finsbury’s global reach.

Shari Redstone kicked ass in the Viacom wars, and Finsbury had her back through it all. (former Sony Pictures PR head Charlie Sipkins) and D. starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone going for the gold.

Strategic acquisitions and smart organic launches have defined DKC under CEO Sean Cassidy.

Its new DKC Analytics unit—led by former Obama campaign digital strategists—is bringing hardcore data analytics to microtarget audiences.