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He wears a heavy white cross on a chain around his neck and, in his left hand, he carries a white cane, topped with a skull.You may recall just such a character from the James Bond film Live and Let Die…A sheriff's report obtained by Us Weekly on Thursday, Oct.

She’s often dressed in a Victorian-style outfit in green and purple that’d be just the business for Whitby Goth Weekend.They shared their beliefs and traditions with their fellow women workers, including that of St Brighid – and the poppets they brought with them were the ‘Bridie dolls’ of Scottish and Irish origin.Bridie dolls were little figures made from scraps of fabric, usually dressed in white, with ribbons, lace and even jewellery.Find poppets of the Baron and Brigitte at Honoring Mother Earth at Etsy.According to 2003 sheriff's report obtained by Us Weekly, Mama June's daughter Anna Cardwell claims that her mother's ex, Mark Mc Daniel, molested her with sister Lauryn Shannon, then 3 years old, in the same room More shocking claims about Mama June's registered sex offender ex have been revealed.