Das historische Material erweitert sich durch neue Quellen und Sichtweisen permanent.

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Restaurant: Wild Rice Market Bistro Ordered: Veggie pot-stickers and polenta fries Adjustments: None I think it is awesome, and it is healthy, as well as interesting. It might not be the place you think to bring a kid but it’s a great spot to let her try new things.

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Hadlock pleaded guilty Wednesday during a plea deal and sentencing hearing for attempted online enticement of a minor, a class C felony.

The charge was reduced from the original charge of enticement of a minor, which is a class B felony.

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As impressive as that number is, it's only a glance at what's to come: Experts in the field of online relations say that dating sites are expected to account for nearly half of all hookups by 2014.

However, the matter of justice for a young victim who will live with the memory of being sexually solicited was also a concern for the judge.“Things stick with us as children, we tend to remember that as we grow older and you will as well.

I believe this event will stick with her for a long time and that concerns me,” Menendez said.

The sixth and final one in the series is the Veggie pot-stickers and polenta fries at Wild Rice.

We interviewed Audrey on her thoughts, and here is what she had to say.