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Apart from 2 minor dings and a few scratches the sax is as good as new.

Not used for 12 years, still in find order but unfortunately no interest shown by offspring hence reason for sale.

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I purchased it from the first owner when only 4 months old (a mature beginner that gave up rather quickly) and then decided to learn Tenor, hence it has been resting in its case since.Price includes matte red Berkeley of London moulded fibreglass case, saxophone stand with clarinet/flute attachment, and two mouthpieces: a Meyer 5M, medium channel, lapped facing (worth about 80), and a Bilger Morgan 4M 9940 (worth about 65, hardly played), both in excellent condition.)Used professionally for many years but I am now selling this sax to invest in a new piccolo for show work - I'll be sad to hand this great sax over!All pads clean, in good condition and fully sealing from top to bottom.Comes in a Pro Tec Case (very good condition), and can also be sold with the Original MK VI Soprano case too (quite worn due to lots of use!