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Watch video part 1 The evolution of consciousness; an eternal huge process; everyone creates his own reality; we identify with the outer part of ourselves; explore deeper levels of experience; the outside is merely an expression of the light of being; we can live out of a deep inner; the male principle of pure consciousness sees the female principle of pure love; operate from a new space from inside; when we open and deepen for love we have to follow a deeper inner voice than the identification with mind and the outer world; if we want to create new kinds of relationship the body has to open beyond all fear and separation; the appearance of separation is a distorted function of mind and consciousness; a wide opening to embrace everything as it is; the masculine and the feminine are in all of us; it is about making the full experiences from a place of consciousness; we are afraid of loving, giving and opening to the absolute divine light; this has absolutely nothing to do with the past; the fear of opening as free consciousness or as love; we know that in depth we are free, pure, full and empty; we are afraid of being that free but still we know that this would be healing for all of us. Watch video part 1 Sex free of me; bipolarity; masculine mind; feminine body; using both polarities; projecting masculine and feminine outside ourselves; the foundation of attraction; not complete individuals; creating a world of sexuality to fill the gap; energy of separation in our psyche; why men and women do not understand each other; terrified of love, god, the source; sex as the only thing to be blamed for our existence; fear of giving us absolutely into love; duality requires us to use ourselves to make sex to relieve us from the pressure of not being true to ourselves; sex makes it clear that we are separate; in true love there is a knowing of the shattering of egoity; previous life disappears in the passion of real love; in real love you flow on and on in unfolding true being; the highest idea of union; sex as relief of egoic tension; thrill of being together; unfolding who we really are; the library of mind; real consciousness flows; being aware of our bipolar nature Watch video part 2 Real love drags to the whole being; unifying ying and yang inside; inside solutions; why fear the union?

Watch video part 2 Mind is afraid of opening; perception is influenced by the projections we give into it; the arising of the feeling of a separate self; the forgetting of our true being; the dance of human attraction; we were never separate; separation was a distortion; to expand attraction to all existence; to testing of going beyond any doubt and fear will never end; it is not about being a perfect partner; to be true to the depth of the own being; to be as truthful as we can to dissolve our body-mind identity; life simplifies when we are true only; the seeing of the one in all things; only if we risk the leap into cosmic consciousness healing of mankind can happen; the nature of the cosmic play in the case of one woman in relationship with two men. going through each other; messiness of real love; transcending me and the world; to get into everything; where is god?

Most attractions right now in the world are about getting, needing, wanting and sustaining a separate ego relationship and forms. Watch video part 2 Yin and Yang are one - one circle – one Self.

Watch video part 3 We learnt as little children to close ourselves to experiences we did not want to make; understand ourselves with honesty but without blame; we must come to understanding ourselves; we have to learn to embrace the totality of life; we need to be vulnerable to be whole; we know this place, but we lost it when we came into the body and created a separate sense of self; we must always be connected with the innermost in order it to unfold; everyone’s life is a microcosm of the macrocosm; we are not just singular human beings; the same consciousness in yourself that is creating forms here; the seeds of reality are constantly being fed down to us to create the capacity to know ourselves on finer levels of being; and to bring that power into manifestation; we can move in this world impersonally but as love; meet that true self in each and every individual; bring that opportunity about - individually and collectively; we have living awareness, living love; it must start with me and we must not expect it from others; the tenuous global situation is a door to another place; just see it as a door to another place and go through that door. Life is a continued movement of experiences, an unfolding, through the polarities of the masculine and feminine, through mind or matter and expression.

This interview took place in March 2009 in Cologne. Yin and Yang are the basic foundation of the manifest universe: Yang, the masculine principle, as the formless nature of consciousness, Yin, the feminine principle, as that which gives form to that- the earth experience.

Yin and Yang are personified principles, endeavouring to be manifest as man and woman.

Waiting in the deep are a bright new man and woman ready to be born and to create real, pure forms.

The sun, moon, the stars and the flowers sing about this possibility.