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This is not only awesome, but it’s also redeeming because I’ve done a lot of unholy things in the backseat,” Marino reads from the pages of her book.

Jasmine Marino finally got away from her pimp after more than 9 years of bondage as a sex slave…she got married, and recently had her 5th child.

’”Or an exotic dancer or work for an escort service?If you would like more online safety tips or to receive help creating a safety plan, call the toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Consider using these to access help whenever possible.Search engines track your online searches and this information can be accessed by others using the same computer.The following are tips to help you stay safe while online.If you feel that your trafficker is tracking your web browsing or email activity or if you feel unsafe online, please consider how to plan for your safety. Planning and testing out these options ahead of time can help keep you safe. Safe Internet Searching | Social Media | Additional Security Measures | Online Harassment | More Resources Public Computers at local public libraries or community centers are more difficult to trace.