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Professor Robert Kelly and his family rose to fame after an interview with BBC World News was interrupted but his two children, live on air.

Video of the professor trying to stay composed as his children burst into the room before being pulled out by their mother quickly went viral, with one You Tube video of the incident attracting more than 980,000 views.

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This is both an exciting development and a real challenge for society.They often assume that there’s a ceremony being performed and that everyone is present, but often there’s nothing explicit about that.Because there’s nothing explicit, people can use telephones or they use Skype, and there’s a real legal issue whether that’s valid.I’m not going to ask your legal interpretation of my theory of performative utterances there. Steven Cherry: Well, maybe we’ll get to it then, but the whole intention thing seems less assured by phone or computer. And that’s one of the challenges that e-marriage or Skype marriage presents.There is a whole regulatory body associated with marriage. We have seen a retreat from the regulatory oversight of marriage.