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For prosecutors, the plea deal avoids the risk of going to trial, where juries might be influenced by Sharper's fame and celebrity defense attorneys.

In the first one, Sharper met two women at a club in West Hollywood and later invited them to his hotel room, where he offered them a drink, according to a police report of the incident filed in court."Within minutes of consuming the beverage, both girls reported to have blacked out," the report states.

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Pastor also explained to Sharper that the court considers a no-contest plea to be "exactly the same" as a guilty plea. The settlement stipulates that he will serve his time in federal custody at a location that has not yet been announced. By agreeing to the plea deal, Sharper avoids the risk of receiving an even worse punishment in the future and expensive litigation that could drag on indefinitely in four states.

If convicted, he faced life in prison in Louisiana and more than 30 years in Los Angeles.