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Miguel proposes to Mía before the graduation ceremony at Elite Way, asking her if she accepts being with him forever.She happily accepts, and later tells him she's ready to have her first time with him.

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Mía starts RBD with her boyfriend Miguel and their friends Roberta, Diego, Giovanni and Lupita, and acts as a songwriter for the band.

Mía tearfully pleads with Miguel not to leave, saying she can't live without him; Miguel starts crying and they kiss, finally making up for good.

Mía's family grows in the end of the series: Franco marries Roberta's mother Alma, and together they adopt Roberta's best friend Jose Luján.

While struggling to come to terms with the end of her relationship with Miguel, Mía finds out that, instead of dying in a car crash like Franco told Mía, her mother is actually alive.

Marina left her husband and toddler Mía because she was addicted, but, now that she has recovered from her issues, she's back and wants a relationship with her daughter.