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Presented here is her complete feature Coed Fantasy (1979, 60m) alongside an additional 60m of rare loops and scenes. This collection concentrates on her early material and is the perfect tour through the career of this unforgettable legend. Older couples teach their darlings to squeeze huge cocks up their asses, Ron Jeremy slides his long shaft up the butt of a pigtailed bra buster, and a sweet beauty lets her boyfriend poke both of her bald holes! The undisputed champion of anal swordplay, King Paul, works his famous cock magic in 2 raunchy ass gaping scenes!

Two slutty teens are cruising for trouble, and they find it. A little girl with strawberry blonde hair and a pretty face, Merle loved to get a hand dick slid up her ass and have come drip down her chin. Originally cast in teenage roles in the late 70s, her career spanned into the 90s where she appeared in fetish and bondage videos. Hershel Savage.) Obscure plotless fuckfest from the bow-chicka-wow school. Little Lysa Thatcher and Crystal Dawn learn a game from an older friend who shoves his cock down both of their pink ass-pipes! The repairman, their husband, the young neighbor, they really don’t care, as you will see here in this hand picked collection of vintage films! The black knights have arrived to thrust their swords into their maiden’s delicate anal sheaths!

This collection includes the complete feature Tenderloins (1980, 81m). Rick Cassidy, Keith Erickson.) Rival gangs torment each other’s hot biker mamas in the roughest fashion. Every collector of the 1970’s raunchiest films will surely be pleased with these 15 hand-picked films, each promising black cocks squeezing into pink tight holes! The legendary Long Dong swings his legendary dick through 2 rare loops! Rare European loops with beautiful women, high production values and vivid color! Non Stop Spunker- “Super Balls” drowns a sun bather in a sea of inexhaustible spunk! John Holmes Slender young Asian poontang was a rare treat in 1970s films.

Candice is an island savage that captures and abuses male slave David Christopher. Ultra savage BDSM cinema from the masters at Avon Productions. Starring roles in the Johnny Wadd film The Jade Pussycat and Alex De Renzy’s Femmes De Sade make her easily one of the most familiar stars of the era. 52m.) A classy lady loves the abuse a filthy gang member delivers. 59m.) A bratty and busty virgin is taught to be a good little girl through strict training and discipline. 60m.) One of the most shocking and politically incorrect teenage films of the 70’s. A giant black stud gives a tiny Asian lass multiple anal orgasms! Long Dong Silver, Johnny Keyes, Red Barron, Annie Sprinkle. No Morals- a daughter looks on while her mother is shagged by the plumber and the fucks a male doll.

This collection is assembled for the diehard fan of true erotica superstars. Top cast and sex action including some shocking “anything goes” moments. Other hand picked vintage scenes include black on black action featuring D cup Patricia Lee and other black beauties in Soul Sauna, Giant Tits, and more! The virgin asshole explorations of sweet little teases are documented in this diary of XXX material from the sinful 1970s!

Infamous schlock director Wood's hilariously inept but sexy last film. Anyone who loves sexually confident and experienced women who are true performers will instantly fall in love with her. Starring Jean Jennings, Gloria Leonard, Tina Russell, Zebedy Colt, Jamie Gillis.) Zebedy Colt plays a French producer who finds his American director is directing a raunchy XXX epic. Tina Russell, Cindy West.) Solidly packed fuck action including sexy Tina Russell in lesbian lust. Contains what is probably the sexiest scene of a girl peeing into a cowboy hat ever filmed! Pure sleaze in the early 70’s style including sloppy double penetrations and thick oral cum spurts. 59m.) From the team that brought you Mortgage of Sin comes another filthy distilment of pure raunch. Sperm bath loving blonde Connie Peters lets 2 black studs do whatever they’d like to her busty young body in Soldier’s Maid! Jean Jennings, Lysa Thatcher, Crystal Dawn, Ron Jeremy, George Payne, Jon Seeman.

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Sex dating in hollywood heights illinois