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When someone plays hot-cold, keeps you guessing, makes you constantly uncertain? No, we haven't because they really are more attractive. The worst parts — their entitlement and exploitativeness: …narcissism leads to popularity at first sight.Yeah, that makes you attracted: Participants in the uncertain condition were most attracted to the men — even more attracted than were participants who were told that the men liked them a lot. Second, the aspects of narcissism that are most maladaptive in the long run (exploitativeness/entitlement) proved to be most attractive at zero acquaintance. The stereotypes are true: men want sex more than women and, yeah, guys are more likely to hit on girls with big boobs.

Doctors initially dismissed her concerns, saying she had suffered a sprained wrist and sent her home with painkillers.But the next day Katie was unable to move her arm which had turned black and blistered and she was rushed back to hospital.Tragically, Katie suffered a heart attack in the ambulance and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at hospital on January 2 this year.But despite seeing two doctors and having an x-ray, she was told she had a sprained wrist, and was discharged. Her grieving mum, Trish Widdowson, 54, from Telford, Shropshire, slammed medical staff for failing to take her daughter's injuries more seriously.She said: 'They (Katie and Dean) had been at a New Year's Eve party until 5am on New Year's Day.'They'd got home around 6am and they'd had sex and she was tied up.