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During their first six months correctional officers will be on probation, beginning with their initial orientation.

Training will be tailored so officers can fulfill the specific duties listed in their job description, and includes: Application Procedures and Process Pursuing Cedar Rapids correctional officer jobs begins with an application.

New Iowa correctional officers are considered to be on probation for the first six months of employment.

In-service trainings are conducted each year for professional development of correctional officers in Iowa.

Courses will include: Once on the job, a new correctional officer in Iowa will receive an additional 80 hours of training with an assigned mentor.The State Department of Corrections (DOC) hires hundreds of new officers each year, providing up-to-date training and equipping officers with the latest advances in technology to enable them to carry out their job duties safely and effectively.Officers in the Cedar Rapids area will learn how to become skilled professionals in the 6 Career Advancement and Promotions A career as a correctional officer in the Cedar Rapids area provides not only a good starting salary between ,278 and ,793; there are also many opportunities for promotion within the DOC.Once hired, correctional officer jobs in Iowa may be based at any of the nine correctional institutions in Iowa and prison farms and industries. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics in its Ames, located in the central part of the Iowa about 30 miles north of Des Moines, is the principal city of Iowa’s Second Judicial District and was home to about 59,000 residents, as of 2010.These facilities and the number of correctional officers working at each as of 2010 are listed below: Correctional officers in Iowa are hired on an ongoing basis each year, with about 250 new correctional officers being hired annually. The Second Judicial District encompasses both the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility and the North Central Correctional Facility.