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Nevertheless, Edwards won a .7 million verdict on behalf of his client, who had suffered permanent brain and nerve damage after a doctor prescribed an overdose of the anti-alcoholism drug Antabuse during alcohol aversion therapy.

In other cases, Edwards sued the American Red Cross three times, alleging transmission of AIDS through tainted blood products, resulting in a confidential settlement each time, and defended a North Carolina newspaper against a libel charge.

The family was so impressed with his intelligence and commitment that they volunteered for his Senate campaign the next year.The family moved several times during Edwards' childhood, eventually settling in Robbins, North Carolina, where his father worked as a textile mill floor worker, eventually promoted to supervisor; his mother had a roadside antique-finishing business and then worked as a postal letter carrier when his father left his job.Edwards was the first person in his family to attend college.Edwards has stated, "If we truly believe that we are all equal, then we should live together too." He also supports "College for Everyone" initiatives. Senate in 1998 as a Democrat running against incumbent Republican Senator Lauch Faircloth.Although Edwards initially supported the Iraq War, he later changed his position and in November 2005 wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post in which he said he expressed regret for voting for the Iraq War Resolution and discussed three solutions for success in the conflict. Despite originally being the underdog, Edwards beat Faircloth by 51.2% to 47.0% — a margin of some 83,000 votes.