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Venus, by comparison, is a warm and hospitable place of social interaction and empathy, but not a great deal of sex. Every time he meets a woman, he weighs her up as a potential sexual partner, and, he thinks, other men do the same.“It’s a natural animal element of sustaining life.” As a happily married man, with many female friends and colleagues, it would perhaps be imprudent of me to comment.But focusing on the differences exaggerates those differences.All of the above stereotypes have a degree of truth – but the effect is far less pronounced than we imagine it to be.

Men and women are similar in many ways, but they are usually different in one: their sexual organs.

And so they are – but we should be careful with them.

Stereotypes are useful because they often give us good information about groups, says Prof Nicholas Epley, a University of Chicago psychologist and author of Mindwise: How we understand what others think, believe, feel and want.

It’s something we find elsewhere in the animal kingdom – and, intriguingly, when the parental roles are reversed, so are sexual habits. And they tend to be choosy, because they bear the higher cost.” And it’s not a Just So story, which evolutionary psychology is sometimes accused of.

In one review of the literature, “not one study found that women think about sex more than men,” says Dr Fleischman.