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There, petitioners provide a narrative of their situation, which is then forwarded to an on-call judge who reviews the petition.

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That night, Michelle – the CJ is not using her real name to protect her identity – went to the courthouse to file for the order, putting her among the first 100 in the county to seek an interpersonal protective order. 1, extend help to those otherwise not covered by civil restraining orders – victims of dating violence and abuse, sexual assault and stalking.

Bowles told her he reasoned the intent of the General Assembly was to also protect sexual assault and stalking victims. "I want to feel like I can live my life and go where I want to go and still feel safe.

I needed it for my own sanity, really.”As the court system prepared last year to begin hearing these cases, it wasn’t clear how many people would file.

“You know what happened, and yet you’re still going to let him be around me?

”But as Bowles explained in an interview, the new law has some ambiguities that have surfaced in his courtroom, as in Michelle’s case.