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Elaine was a war-widow in her early-thirties living with her teenaged son William in the village, where she had moved to only recently.Previously Elaine Kent had been a housewife living in London, but after her husband had died in World War One, she had sold the home and, with William, moved to the Hertfordshire countryside.

They met at a Church Fete in the local village down the road from the Rose-Wilson estate.

They went back to Kathleen's place and had soon hurridly gone to the master bedroom, stripped and had an afternoon of passionate sex, climaxing repeatedly under the attentions of one another's busy fingers and energetic wet tongues. They did not show it in public of course, knowing the small village's inhabitants were somewhat conservative in their views, but they happily displayed it to one another in their frequent events in bed.

Elaine introduced Kathleen to William, and the boy got on perfectly fine with his mum's rather posh girlfriend.

So, by the start of 1920, Kathleen was the only member of the family in the country house.

She had her two gardeners around, both usually working around the estate and sometimes working on Kathleen with their hard cocks, and there was the maid, Elizabeth, who had an energetic and willing tongue that drove Kathleen wild when she requested her maid eat her out.