Sex chat example in indonesian

Desire in Indonesian popular culture—particularly for food, drink and sex—is thought of as healthy and essential.

Without desire we would not sustain ourselves or reproduce.

But if she cannot properly control it, he may succumb to a janda, destroying the family and transforming his wife into a janda.

The wife's sexual attractiveness to her husband, therefore, possesses a strong normative element.

The reason is that sex outside marriage is sinful; but sex with a janda is thought of as a kind of loophole, because she is no longer a maiden and doesn't have a husband.

Inspired by the US hit television series (see picture), the heroine is a janda, and the story depicts her experiences as such.

We also see the janda portrayed in dangdut, an Indonesian music style that combines Arabic, Indian, and western elements. An attractive woman in sexy attire will sing a song bemoaning the sad figure of the janda, while young male dancers cavort onstage with the female singers.

It is not the woman's fault that she is divorced or unmarried; it is God's will. Two famous dangdut songs are entitled 'Fate of the janda'.

In one, the singer laments: She has become a janda not through anything she has done—yet, according to cultural conventions, being a janda is her humiliating fate.