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Developers have to assume the worst, but it's impossible to filter everything, and at some point, there has to be an acceptance that it comes with the territory.Ironically, there are dozens of kid-friendly MMOs out there with movable objects, and yet the players haven't abused that feature.But of course, players quickly found ways around that and used other methods of communication to exchange codes.Meanwhile, in Disney's , the designers ran into a problem when they were originally building their pre-set chat menu.

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If you're making a game where lots of players are interacting and doing stuff together, you need to allow them to communicate, otherwise you're pretty much making a single-player game with the other players as background scenery.

Similarly, while it's important for parents to stay on top of what children are doing online, we can't be sitting next to them forever.

MMOs are, by nature, social environments, and kids need to have the opportunity to collaborate and coordinate with other players in game.

Stop by a player's house and you're much more likely to find amazing creations and impressive designs, not offensive words and images.

Perhaps games should reconsider some of the more heavy-handed chat limitations in order to allow better-quality conversations and a more social atmosphere.