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Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Import Table() Dim App Excel As Excel. Insert After "Printed: " & Now & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf End With Selection. Range, 1, 2 ' create a 1 x 2 table With Active Document. Style = "Table Grid" ' set the style (copied from your code) .

Count - 2) ' the following reads the heading row starting at C1 Excel Headings = Excel Range. Rows(1) ' assumes we have a blank document in word With Active Document. Insert After "Comments:" & vb Cr Lf ' insert your document header .

Screen Updating = True 'Msg Box "The Computer Currently Sees: " & Entire Load Line ZMoment = LTrim(Right(Entire Load Line, 11)) YMoment = LTrim(Mid(Entire Load Line, 54, 11)) XMoment = LTrim(Mid(Entire Load Line, 43, 11)) ZForce = LTrim(Mid(Entire Load Line, 32, 11)) YForce = LTrim(Mid(Entire Load Line, 21, 11)) XForce = LTrim(Mid(Entire Load Line, 10, 11)) For Each o Shape In wddoc.

I appreciate any help you can give me on this as I have a TON of documents I have to do this for!!!!

I need to open the table (without activating or selecting it, since that will interfere with the search word is doing to find the lines that will eventually contain XForce, YForce, etc), find the last empty row in that table, and paste those variables as the loop cycles through into the next empty row of that table.

Once the loop ends, I also would need to close out of the table as well.

Basically, if there is data, the first row of a table will come from column C of the row that has data, the next row's first column will come from Row 1 of the column that has data, and the 2nd column of the second row will come from the cell that has data within that same column. Here's a hyperlink to a sample Excel file, and the very Amateurish code I've started to write within MS Word that only covers the first product: Excel Sample File Private Sub use VBin Word() Dim work Book As work Book Dim data In Excel As String Application.

Open("C:\Users....xls", True, True) Active Document.

Application ' link to Excel Dim Excel Range As Excel. End Of wd Story ' reposition selection at end Active Document.

It's a bit of a fudge, but here's some info on splitting docs.

I have run across an issue while trying to automate some documents I use at work.

You can recover your Word document forgotten password with a tool, and then open it with the recovered password.

But here this article will share you with a method how to open a Microsoft Word document without software when you forgot the protected password and it is locked. Wait for a while, if the password is recovered, a small dialog box pops up, and the password is showed on it. Selected Items(1) Screen Updating = False Line2: On Error Go To Line1 Documents.