Ryan gosling who is he dating 2016

The chemistry between these co-stars have people wondering if Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling dated in real life, since they have also played each others' love interests in .Rumors about the duo dating have often circulated, but Stone and Gosling themselves have never confirmed any kind of romantic relationship throughout their on-screen collaborations.However, Emma and Andrew were spotted together in London last month, which sparked the dating rumors.The two were seen walking around Convent Garden, and they looked comfortable with each other.The American actress beamed when she was asked what she loved most about the former Disney child actor. “I mean, he’s a fantastic actor and it’s just so much fun to work with him and that’s kind of all there is to it, really.It’s no more exciting than that—or less exciting than that.” Watch a clip of Ryan Gosling’s interview below. The popular actor who has dated other beauty queens in Hollywood got engaged to Eva in 2016.

Stone had been dating co-star Andrew Garflield until 2015 and have been spotted together in 2016 reportedly as friends.

, a romantic movie musical by director Damien Chazelle.

The film stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as lovers who follow their Hollywood dreams.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes even managed to keep her pregnancy and their two baby girls away from the paparazzi.

co-stars started dating in 2012, but they broke up last year.